Thursday, August 6, 2009

And we're off to the races!

As most of you know this past year has been a series of trials beginning with Paul losing his job. Well, he was hired about a month ago to teach at Hays High School. He will be teaching Pre-engineering and Math as part of a program called Project Lead The Way. He is very excited!

Cynthia is going to be teaching 3rd grade at Williams Elementary School. Most of you may not know that Williams is a RECOGNIZED school based off this past years TAKS scores. Even though we have our opinions about standardized testing we are still very proud of our students who worked very hard this past year!

Anyway, New Teacher Academy begins Monday and we will both officially be working teachers! We are excited and nervous, but mostly excited. Please pray that we are just ready for the school year with our classrooms. This is a very exciting time in our lives and we are praising God for getting us through the past year or more!